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Riley Stenzel | Territory Manager

Kurt Kelsey | Director of Earth Science Division

Craig Shultz | Business Development Manager

American Excelsior Company (AEC) invented the erosion control blanket! AEC has been manufacturing a wide variety of erosion and sediment control products in the USA for over 130 years.

Curlex® engineered fibers are made from 100% natural and sustainable Aspen fibers. Recyclex® products keep millions of soda bottles out of landfills. TriNet® TRMs work in extreme applications. Curlex® Sediment Log® and Curlex® Bloc provide sediment control, shoreline, and water filtration solutions. All new Curlex® Hi-Vis Excelsior Logs™ were developed for when you need a product to visually stand out. Hydraulically applied erosion control products and a variety of straw and straw/coconut products round out our offering.

We make it easy for you to address local jobsite requirements with locations and distribution partners across the country.

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