Pushing Through Labor Challenges

Undoubtedly by now, we are all aware of the labor shortages and challenges that employers across all industries are continuing to face. In a job market that is firmly in control of the job seekers, how do we as employers have a chance to win the war on talent? In this presentation, we will discuss the causes that have led to the disappearance of the labor pool that was once plentiful. We will next explore what new and innovative sources that employers are using to widen the net in recruiting candidates that may be hiding in plain sight. Lastly, we will discuss the importance of retention of employees and how employers can position themselves for success in drawing in and sustaining their key employees in a job market that is more competitive than ever. At the end of this presentation, we hope you leave with new perspective and ideas for change that may make a lasting impact in drawing in top talent and retaining employees for years to come.

March 9 @ 10:45


– 11:45


Blue Annex

Gina Bounds- Senior Human Resources Generalist; Reinders